“Seja Burro”



Confira a campanha oficial da Diesel


A Diesel lança campanha provocativa e ao mesmo tempo brilhante. Com o mote “Be Stupid” (Seja burro) a campanha coloca que pensamentos idiotas fazem a criatividade evoluir. Sendo assim a Diesel decreta que correr o risco do fracasso é melhor que a maneira segura e inteligente de se fazer as coisas. A música de fundo é Honeytrap da banda We Have Band.

Veja o vídeo da campanha e, mais abaixo, o texto integral em inglês:


Like balloons, we are filled with hopes and dreams
But. Over time a single sentence creeps into our lives

Dont be stupid.

Its the crusher of possibility.
Its the worlds greatest deflator.

The world is full of smart people.
Doing all kind of smart things…
Thats smart.

were with stupid.

Stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret free life.
Smart may have the brains…
but stupid has the balls.

The smart might recognize
things for how they are.
The stupid see things for how they could be.

Smart critiques.
Stupid creates.

The fact is
if we didnt have stupid thoughts
wed have no interesting thoughts at all

Smart may have the plans…
but stupid has the stories.

Smart may have the authority
but stupid has one hell of a hangover

Its not smart to take risks…
Its stupid.

To be stupid
is to be brave

The stupid isnt afraid to fail.
The stupid know there are worse things than failure…
like not even trying.

Smart had one good idea,
and that idea was stupid.

You cant outsmart stupid.
So dont even try.

only stupid can be truly